Pattern of the Month: Bousta Beanie

Winter is coming! Even in unusually warm Bologna. It is (finally!) time to start covering your heads with the softest yarn and the best patterns around, and this is why we have chosen the awesome Bousta Beanie by the equally awesome Gudrun Johnston as our Pattern of the Month. This slouchy beanie is based on a simple three-colour Fair Isle pattern that creates a great visual effect while making for a very easy knit. According to the designer, the inspiration for the hat came from the fabulous colours of the islands where she was born, which incidentally are also one of the dream destinations of any dedicated knitter: Shetland! It is no coincidence that the tiny Fair Isle is actually located in this beautiful part of Scotland.

© Gudrun Johnston

So it was hardly a surprise when Gudrun Johnston was chosen as patron for Shetland Wool Week 2017, making the Bousta Beanie the official free pattern of the week! You can still find it here (in English).

Here is how Gudrun describes the creation of the Bousta Beanie:

I am always impressed by the myriad shades of colour that can be seen in Shetland, the blues of the sea, the mossy greens and browns of the hillside, and the bright pops of wildflowers and heather in the summer. I never tire of walking in this landscape and soaking in the rich palette. I also love to wear a slouchy style hat that can be pulled down to cover my ears when it’s cold and windy outside! All of these elements played a part in this design. What with all the colours available in Shetland yarn, the possibilities are endless!

As you have probably understood by now, the key feature of this pattern is colourwork! This is why it is essential to find yarn that suits the identity of the Bousta Beanie: we recommend the beautiful Valley Tweed by Rowan, with its eight shades that perfectly match the colours of the Shetland landscape and that northern feeling that this pattern communicates. Or… you could also try another tweed from Rowan, Felted Tweed, with its incredibly versatile palette that has recently been completed by the fascinating shades created by the one and only Kaffe Fassett.

The pattern suggests three possible colourways, but we always recommend to have a look at Ravelry to find inspiration in the many ravelers’ projects that have already been completed. We can’t wait to see YOUR Bousta Beanies!

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