Who We Are

Il Filarino is born from the discovery of a love for tradition and happiness derived from sharing it. Everything is then seasoned with a lot of curiosity about the news of art, technology, fashion, society and so on and so forth.

There is a colored thread that connects everything and we believe that it, whether wool or cotton, will make lovers fall in love more and more, will make creativity and imagination flourish even among the most curious, even if inexperienced, and will allow you to discover a world that perhaps some had forgotten.

Ambitious project? Maybe, but why not try it ?!
I hope that this site, together with the store located in via Murri 88 / A in Bologna, can provide you with all the necessary tools to follow that colorful thread … and why not, to discover together where it will take you and what it has in store for you!

The Team: The idea stems from a project by Lorenza, to which, slowly, many creative minds have joined, each of which has brought with it its own style and many breaths of novelty.

Lorenza: “I grew up between balls and knitting needles, a knitter’s niece and daughter of a teacher who always spent her evenings knitting. As a child I often wondered why my mother in the evening, instead of watching movies carefully or doing something else, preferred to work again. It was not difficult to answer my question … that delicate ticking, those colored balls and that ritual had the power to enchant me too, distracting me from everything else. My passion was born from there and it is unity, over time, to the curiosity for technology and the desire to create and design always different things.

This is what I have to say when they ask me why de ilfilarino (Shop Online Filati).