Crocheted Totoro Shorts with Reborn Jeans Yarn by Kremke Soul Wool: The Pattern by Giulia Pizzato

Summer is the perfect time to show off unique and fresh garments, and what better way to do that than with a pair of crocheted shorts? Today I am going to tell you about a special project: the Totoro Shorts, made following Giulia Pizzato’s pattern. Giulia used Reborn Jeans yarn from Kremke Soul Wool to […]

Knitting with Cotton Silk Yarn and Lamé Elegant: The Elegance of Manifattura Sesia

The art of knitting was born in the mists of time, in the beginning it was a need now it has become a passion that is growing creating a growing community of knitters. The ability to create unique and customized garments has attracted a new generation of enthusiasts, eager to explore the infinite potential of […]

Ideal Stitches and Patterns for Beginners: Working with Needles

If you are new to needlework, choosing the right stitches and patterns can make a big difference in your learning and rewarding experience. Because let’s face it in the beginning it is very imprtant to see results to feel motivated to continue and improve! Knitting is not only a relaxing hobby, but also a wonderful […]

Jute Yarn knitted or crocheted is the must have for summer! Here are some ideas for Bags and Accessories

Summer is the perfect time to give shape to many new creative ideas that are very useful as well as beautiful, and Jute is one of the materials that is best matched to achieve extraordinary results. This natural and sturdy material lends itself perfectly to the creation of summer bags and accessories with a rustic […]

Exploring the Magic of Knitting with Noro Yarns’ Sonata Yarn: Petite Knit’s Summer Citrus Shawl Pattern and Anker’s Summer Shirt Pattern

filato Sonata Noro Yarns seta e cotone lavoro maglia

The world of knitting is a fascinating universe of colors, textures and creativity. Among the many yarns and patterns available, some names stand out for their excellence and beauty. Today we explore the magic of working with Noro Yarn ‘s Sonata yarn, the elegance of Anker’s Summer Shirt Petite Kn it patterns, and the delightful […]

Marisa’s Pearls: Should wool sweaters be ironed and how?

come striare un maglione di lana realizzato ai ferri senza rovinarlo

Learn how to iron wool knits Here is the topic of the new installment of Marisa’s Pearls. Ironing a woolen garment also requires great care and attention to avoid making it felted. Here are some steps to take to care for our beloved handmade wool sweaters and more: First of all, much attention should be […]

Circular Irons and the Magic of Knitting Stitches: Creating Masterpieces with Passion

The world of knitting is an ancient art that has regained popularity in recent years due to its versatility and the ability to create unique, customized clothing and accessories. A key element in this practice is the use of the circular needles , tools that make it easy to work a variety of knitting stitches. […]

Elegance and Warmth: The Magic of Handcrafted Wool Coats and Overcoats

In contemporary fashion, few items of clothing can rival the elegance and comfort offered by a fine wool coat made on the knitting needle. In addition to adding a touch of timeless style to the wardrobe, these garments lend a feeling of unparalleled warmth and luxury. Why choose to make a wool coat? Their history […]

How to wash wool sweaters without ruining them

Marisa’s Pills begins with a frequently asked question: How to wash wool knits and all your other knitted creations without ruining them? The latest modern washing machines have gentle washing programs suitable for wool. However, I don’t trust it especially if I have garments made by me with precious yarns such as cashemire wool , […]